Surf Fashion for the Everyday Gentleman

We all love the sandy beaches of LA and the warm sun of Miami, but living the Surf bum lifestyle doesn’t exactly go over well during your Monday morning meeting. That doesn’t mean you can’t surf up your life with a beach inspired wardrobe.

Around the Office

Feel free to throw on a Pilgrim Surf + Supply crew neck sweater over your day-to-day button up. The extra layer will not only keep you warm, but it’ll give you the casual relaxed feel of a night on the beach. Okay, not exactly. But the relaxed fit and clean look will bring the drab of office attire to a more casual level that screams chilled out.

If the casual sweater doesn’t tickle your fancy, at least rock a “I surf to get tan” tee under your daily digs. That way, when 5 o’clock seems all to distant, you can kick back and smile about the sandy beach on your mind.

Check out Pilgrim Surf + Supply for a stock list and more awesome surf gear.

If work dress codes reserve Friday afternoons for summer fun, the florescent overhead and conversations about the weather can leave you feeling down. Why not wear this subtle Surf Evolution Tie to brighten your day and distract your co-workers from today’s forecast.

Don’t worry your surf tie will go perfectly with your rad socks hiding just below your pant hem. Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you have to hide your sunshine loving nature.

Weekend Surf Code

Unless you live in Coastal California, southern Florida or some ridiculously beautiful place elsewhere in the world, dressing to surf will be cumbersome or downright isolating. However, adding a touch of your inner-surfer to accent your list of weekend casuals will show off your passion and add the style differential that makes you, well, you.

Try finding some checkered patterns or a cool denim jacket to stay stylish without throwing people off by your laid-back clothes. In fact, just check out what Levi’s and Supreme have done. Any denim jacket will give off an air of adventure while keeping your style relevant.

If you want something more subtle, just throw on a pair of the always casual Sanuk’s footwear. The miix between espadrille and sandal shows off your eco-friendly side while staying comfortable for your weekend outing. Sanuk’s are tough and comfortable, the perfect choice for weekend warriors.

Surfing Accessories

Don’t forget, sporting surf friendly accessories will catch the eye of the style conscious and surfer friendly crowd. The perfect people to kick back with while you dream of sunnier times at the shore.

Some favorites:

Never Stop Surfing For Your Dreams

No matter your destination, representing surf culture lets people know you’re always chasing your dreams even when locked away from the sunny shores and killer surf. Don’t be afraid to wear some sunshine attire as a center-piece in your outfit. After all, who doesn’t love surfers?