Kate Spade and the Celebrities that Wear It

Kate Spade New York has reigned queen of luxury handbags since its creation in 1993 when it began paving the way for the now global brand. Kate Spade wants its fashionistas to Live Colorfully. A powerful slogan embodied by the fashion powerhouse as Kate Spade bags grace the red carpet on the arms of Hollywood’s hottest. The bags looks great with a Stine Goya top or similar style.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been a pop icon for over 2 decades. She brought a new face to fashion and stardom from her very early years that has grown into an iconic image completely her own. With an oscar under her belt, a filmography pages long and a decade long contract with Revlon it is no surprise that Halle knows luxury. And to no one’s surprise, Halle can be found toting around a Kate Spade luxury bag.

In particular, internet paparazzi have spotted Halle rocking the Kate Spade Drawstring handbag in a gun metal grey. Of course, she looks gorgeous as always with her pairing of the Kate Spade with a casual sun dress that screams elegance.

Emily Rossum

When it comes to Kate Spade, few celebrities rep it as well as Emmy Rossum. As a singer/songwriter and actress, Emmy frequents the high end events notorious in the fashion world. Among there parties, Kate Spade tends to be a frequent guest at Emmy’s side. In fact, at the Kate Spade Summer Solstice, Emmy is seen in a periwinkle Kate Spade Saturday dress showing off her Kate Spade Saturday Pink Clutch.

Again, Emmy was seen wearing a Kate Spade bag with style as the official Kate Spade blog reports that Emmy “looked like a work of art” while going on a coffee run, and it’s hard not to agree.

Emma Roberts

Actress Emma Roberts hosted the private launch of Kate Spade’s westward collection in West Hollywood while wearing a gorgeously classy black and white outfit accented by her westward ingénue clutch. Emma Roberts loveliness could only be matched by such a fitting accessory.

 Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion Icon, celebrity superstar and queen of fashion Sarah Jessica Parker loves Kate Spade. (There’s even a Facebook page for it). Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker likes to stroll NYC sporting the Kate Spade “London Quinn” which looks fabulously pink alongside her casually cool outfit.

Not to mention, there are several pictures of her sporting the Storm King Willa around NYC over the course of several days with baby in hand. The grey lizard print purse works with every NYC outfit. I think the union is clear, and everyone should take a style tip for SJP.

Jessica Alba

Bag connoisseur and actress, Jessica Alba, is noted to have been seen carrying more than 50 bags over the course of 17 months. purseblog.com tells us that’s a new bag every 10 days. With that said, it is no surprise that Alba has been seen looking gorgeous in a Kate Spade. In particular, Alba has been seen with the delicately floral Kate Spade Grove Court Thea tote, a wonderful blast of color to any casual sunny day outfit.

Whichever style Kate Spade fits your brand of luxury, you can be sure there is a celebrity out there holding tightly to one of Kate Spade’s iconic bags that have defined 21st century handbags.