All the seasons have an interesting charm of their own and while the summer’s sun may be scorching, but it does have its own list of fun activities in store for us. Of course, there are a number of things that you can do in the summer but not at any other time of the year. When the children are home for the summer holidays and there is lazy merrymaking going on everywhere around you, it’s hard to stay inside. The summer fever is sure to strike and you will end up in the middle of a fun vacation that you never planned! It’s time to embrace the warm sun and make the most out of these hot days. So here are 5 must do activities with your family that will leave you with everlasting memories and enormous fun in the summertime.

Messy play

Yes, we now moms won’t agree, but summertime is the one time that you can actually enjoy cleaning up too! Get out those paints or have a go at the pottery clay in the back yard once more. Washing everything down with the cooling shower from a hose at the end will give your kids and family a spectacular time. These activities are a real time spender also. Worried about children roaming wild in the house? Well, give them something fun to do. The messier the better!

Tour the city

You never get time to take a tour or visit interesting places in the city. Sometimes it’s your child’s homework and at others, it’s your own obligations. Summertime is your chance to go out of the house and explore. Those fares and rides and the park that you wanted to go to for so long are all possibilities that you can explore and enjoy. Take some time out and go exploring for a change. The shift in the scene and tons of memories will last forever and make for a spectacular summer.


Summer and water go hand in hand. It’s always refreshing to have the cold waves take the heat off and of course, the fun is exhilarating. Pay a visit to the water parks or take a trip to the beach for an extraordinary day. There are loads of activities for kids and it’s always a refreshing change to step away from all the technology. Plus, you can’t have water fun during the winter so it’s best to make the most of it when you can!

Summer music festivals

These are in abundance up and down the city. Go out and have fun with your favorite songs and singers. Not only that, you can couple the day with some memorable activities with your friends and end it with a mesmerizing bonfire. There is no replacing the fun at concerts and festivals. Taste all the flavors of summer and enjoy yourself to the most.

Party at all the street food spots in the city

Summer is all about the variety of different foods and amazing flavors. Enjoy yourself and tantalize your taste buds with an array of street delicacies. Instagram your expeditions and make the most of your day out, tasting the numerous tastes that the street has to offer. You can make it a friend’s day and call your girls over. It really is like a party, only outside and much more fun.

Clearly, there are a number of ways that we can enjoy the summer and make the most out of the sunny days. The activities suggested above are some great ideas for the entire family. Nobody has to sit bored in the house in summer. Instead, take a trip out and enjoy the sun to the utmost!