Tourism is an extremely essential source of income for all countries since it leads to beneficial effects that boost any developing nation’s growth and economic status. It is so vital in today’s society that it is already referred to as an industry. This is why tourists are the main actors often seen as targets by various tourism institutions and agencies to aid their country’s economic growth.

Burmese authorities have recently launched an online visa application system for tourists called e-Visa which aims to boost Myanmar’s tourism rate. The said system aims to aid potential international visitors of Myanmar to apply for a visa via the internet. This makes the whole visa application process easier for people since e-Visa will not require applicants to go to the embassy in order to apply for a visa. Because of this faster process, it is highly probable that more tourists will visit Myanmar in the near future.

` The process of getting an e-Visa is quite simple. First, those who want to apply must visit, the web address for the e-visa system. After visiting the said site, the applicant should agree with the number of terms established by the Ministry of Immigration and Population. A 28-day tourist visa which takes five days to be processed amounts up to $50, and its approval can be confirmed after the applicant receives a reference code via e-mail. Upon its arrival, it shall be stamped and is valid for twenty eight days. Within ninety days, the approved e-visa can be used so people with e-Visa can go to Myanmar through the Yangon International Airport and to other airports located in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay. Through this newly-launched system, it is expected that five million tourists will visit Myanmar by 2015.

Myanmar’s e-Visa application is open for people in forty one countries, even in the United States of America. However, it is only suitable for those who do not plan to cross land borders. Those who will not enter Myanmar via Yangon International Airport will not be granted entry. In addition, e-Visa is only available to tourists; hence, those who want to visit Myanmar for business-related purposes shall be excluded.

Nevertheless, Myanmar’s e-Visa remains appealing to many people, especially because Myanmar offers many famous temples, infrastructures, and sceneries to its tourists. As a matter of fact, Myanmar’s Minister for Immigration and Population, Khin Nyunt Yi, revealed that more than five hundred applications were sent way before the site was even launched. From having only approximately three hundred thousand visitors in 2010, Myanmar is expecting to earn millions of tourists by next year because of the less expensive and faster way of getting visa. According to Minister for Immigration and Population of Myanmar Khin Nyunt Yi, Myanmar plans to increase its tourism through the new e-Visa system in order to compensate for the recurring blackouts that burden the entire nation. Incumbent Minister Yi even added that as the system further improves, it is to be expected that more countries will be added to the list of countries that can be eligible for e-Visa application.


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