As Boko Haram prepared to attack the northeastern section – a place called Biu, Nigerian military stopped the attack. This is according to a tweet from the military. According to the Nigerian Defense Team, they managed to capture two anti-aircraft guns and two terrorists. No casualty numbers have been provided by the officials but resident reported to CNN that more than 40 Boko Haram terrorists were killed after being surprised the military, and they proceeded to fight a lengthy battle using firearms. Boko Haram terrorist in two motorcycles and 10 pickups attempted to enter the town, about 200 kilometers, south of the state capital, Borno Maiduguri around 7.30am. However, they were readily intercepted by the Nigeria military who came from the nearby barracks, which led to a two and half hour gunfight, said the residents.

Hundreds of soldiers lay secretly to wait for the terrorist and opened gunfire on a team of three pickups that were carrying gunmen near the airstrip two kilometers outside Biu, the residents said. ‘’The Nigerian military managed to gun down 40 Boko Haram militants and thwarted their attempt to hijack the barracks. This ultimately stopped their plans to attack the town as well, ‘’ said Biu resident Mahmud Bukar,’’. According to Bukar, all the gunmen in the 30 pickups that were leading the militants were gunned downs by the hail of gunfire.

The remaining militants that camped at a nearby gas station near Kigir village mobilized fast and faced the Nigerian military in a battle so fierce that it lasted more than two hours, said another resident, Bashir Babagoni. According to witnesses, the militants were overwhelmed and were forced to run away in disarray. Supported by local arms men, soldiers follower their trail in the bushes while armed youths set up closely guarded barricades in different parts to prevent the gunmen from infiltrating the town.

The town’s first siege

Residents flocked the fighting scene after the militants withdrew and saw the gunmen’s dead bodies and their vans riddled with bullets, said Babagoni. This town is religiously mixed and is the largest religious mixed town in Southern Borno. It serves as a commercial center and also has a military base. Although the militants has attacked villages in the nearby areas recently in the past year, the town of Biu has remained untouched by the militants.

The militants have attacked northern Nigeria often since 2009, raiding churches, civilians, schools and government buildings, and bombing police stations. The militants have openly aid that it only aims to impose Sharia law, a stric law across Nigeria. This will split the majority the Christian south from the majority northern Muslim.

Last week, the militants attacked some small villages near the Chad border, killing thousands of civilians, perhaps hundreds. Human rights watch acquired satellite imagery showing the fires set up by the militants. According to the satellite report, Doro Gowan and Baga were destroyed by flames. Bodies of civilians still litter the bushes and this remains the militant’s deadliest massacre.

Tactics horrified world

The militant’s brutal warfare has stunned the world. They have kidnapped over 200 school girls and they remain missing since April. They have also strapped bombs to school girls and then ordered them to blow up market. One teenager reported to the CNN that she refused the instructions and fled hurriedly from the scene. According to critics, President Goodluck Jonathan is not doing what needs to be done to quell the insurgencies that mostly affect opposition strongholds. Jonathan has not said anything about the killings as he re – launched his re-election bid. They are holding elections earlier this February.

In other news, as millions of civilians marched the streets of Paris to commemorate the people that were killed by insurgents, two girls carrying explosives exploded and tore a mobile phone market in North eastern Nigeria. The blasts killed the bombers and three other innocent civilians and injured 50 more. This attack day came after another girl stripped by a bomb, a ten year old girl, exploded in Maiduguri, killing more than 20 people. While in divergent settings, hundreds of thousands of miles apart, these attacks in both Nigeria and France have been motivated by extremist ideology. This ideology rejects the modern world shaped by economic, social and political liberalism.