A 2015 Wardrobe Update for the Modern Man

It’s a new year, a new world and a new set of resolutions. Time to get your style in check and update your wardrobe to show off the new you in 2015.

Last year, we saw new leather trends, detailed quilt work, scruffy beards and brimmed hats (to name a few) hit the streets in 2014. As with every passing fashion trend, last years neck turners got a refined update and should be added to your arsenal, immediately.

Throw in a Little Leather

Leather is back, and it’s not the cow hide armor from decades past. No, the new leather comes in small strips and patches as an update to everyday basics; transforming casual wear into a remarkable center piece.


The accentuated class of a leather patch, or an arm length leather sleeve screams minimal style and shows off your fashion mojo. In 2015, leather accents will get an air of class we haven’t seen since Happy Days.


Needless to say, if you like the look, quality and durability of leather, bomber jackets bring out the best in every outfit and can be the staple of your 2015 outerwear. Put one of these in your closet and relish in your new manliness

Synchronize Your Color Block

Leather won’t work for every man. So why not try color blocking?

Color blocking your outfit isn’t really a revolutionary breakthrough in fashion. However, the recent application of mixed materials and the draw toward minimal palettes with accentuated design (think very refined black & white) makes color blocking all the more significant in 2015.


If the new trends in leather intrigue you, check out these color-blocked outfits using leather to break up the otherwise identical tones. The look is refined, yet complex. It moves the eye across the entire outfit while letting you keep the simple look you love.


Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color in places typically left bare or hidden. These Études Studio glasses look awesome and add some wonderfully subtle color to your face. Mix in bright colored accessories to add the unique twist that suits you.


Grow Out Your Beard

If you haven’t already, grow some facial hair in 2015. Aside from the psychological benefits of doing things out of the ordinary, facial hair is in style more than ever. The recent growth in Men’s grooming has not even begun to hit the peak, and 2015 is going to bring in some truly new facial hair styles.


Pick up a stylish Shaving Kit with some beard oil to brighten your luscious locks or pick up a beard trimmer to keep your look clean. Feel free to experiment and find your beard zen.


Stop Being Afraid of Hats

Pharrell got a lot of press about his Wide Brimmed Hat debut in 2014, but at the end of the day it looks great… and not just on Pharrell. The re-emergence of the menswear hat is a wonderful trend in 2015. Not only do hats come in a ton of different styles, they instantly show class for the debonaire man.


You will never go wrong with any Goorin hat. This American hat maker has been making some of the best hats since 1895. Their story rocks, their hat shops are fun and they make them in store. Not only is the selection huge, their style will drive you mad (pun intended).


Keep it Simple, but Reach Outside Your Comfort Zone

That is the number 1 rule for 2015. Keep it Simple, but Reach Outside Your Comfort Zone. Whether you’re rocking leather, sporting some colorful accessories, growing out your man locks or supporting the hat movement. 2015 is going to be another huge year in the evolution of menswear; we have a lot to look forward to as menswear becomes mainstream. So, saddle up and update your wardrobe for the 2015 you.